An extensive range of custom-built sub-assemblies and components

Our range of solutions is grounded in expertise in the processes for manufacturing microtechnical sub-assemblies and equipment components for all sorts of application areas including actuators, sensors, accelerometers, connectors and electric motors.

Our parts are used in the manufacture of many different mechanical, micromechanical, micro-electronic, electromechanical, optic, connection or electric solutions for information acquisition, processing and display between a system and its environment.

Implementing the most straightforward solutions to address your most complex requirements

For nearly 70 years, Cryla Group has been forging countless partnerships with manufacturers in various cutting-edge industries specializing in the production of complex multi-technological components.

Because solutions are required to be increasingly compact, easy to integrate and intelligent, Cryla Group is dedicated daily to helping optimize your systems.

Thanks to the complementary nature of our expertise, we are able to provide you with a wide range of electric motors, equipment and systems on the basis of complementary, innovative technological processes.

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