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Our history


The company is founded

In the first half of the 20th century, under the impetus of Gérard Langel, Cryla – the Group’s parent company – set up in Besançon, the capital of French watchmaking since the late 18th century.

In the beginning, it specialized in the watchmaking industry, its first staff members carrying out the production of watch components for the French and Swiss sectors.


Cryla expands into the Aeronautical field

In response to a challenging backdrop, the company branched out in the 1960s, first into household appliances and then into aeronautics. Driving this new business expansion were a series of technological leaps that would encourage Cryla to offer the first multi-technological processes.

The strategic shift towards Aeronautics generated newfound value and set a fresh growth momentum in motion.

The company was bought up by an aerospace company, Artus, which was itself incorporated into the US Group Danaher in 2001.


Acquisition by the Bisiaux family and expansion into the Medical sector

In 2009, Thierry Bisiaux, the Group’s current CEO, and his family took over the company.

A new business opportunity emerged at the same time: the Medical sector. Cryla, an expert in precision and miniaturization, specialized in the design and manufacture of components, instruments and microsystems which have applications in the medical devices field.
All of this would pave the way to a respected reputation in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in the industrial mechanical engineering field, more specifically high-precision subcontracting.

The Group demonstrated its ability to fully meet its customers’ requirements and develop genuine expertise in the industrial-scale roll-out of multi-technological solutions.


New location combining high-quality architecture and sustainable development

Cryla decided to move to a central location within the TEMIS Technology Business Park in Besançon (East France, on the border with Switzerland), in a 3,500 sq.m. building, designed and built in a sustainable mindset: the façades have a timber structure and the heating and air-conditioning system uses deep geothermal energy processes.

In 2014, Cryla Group fully joined the SPACE (Supply Chain Progress towards Aeronautical Community Excellence) program of the French Aerospace Industries Association (GIFAS), which guarantees us a solid basis of core industrial business lines, ensuring reliability and safeguarding the future.


The Group experiences strong growth, buoyed by the thriving sector

Cryla Group increased its revenues thanks to its operational proficiency and local service, developed with its main customers in the Aeronautics and Medical sectors in particular.

In 2017, the aeronautics sector was booming, but constant technical and organizational upheaval put the supply chain under pressure, and it was forced to consolidate.


An agile prototyping entity is founded and the first external forays are made into the Precision cutting sector

Amid such ramping-up and driven by aircraft manufacturers’ strategic decisions, Cryla Group’s own growth swiftly gained traction thanks to a targeted external growth strategy – Cryla Group 2025 – aimed at organizing the whole of its service range to enhance its competitiveness and achieve the critical size required by the industry’s leaders.

In January 2018, in a bid to explore new markets, Cryla Group set up an ambidextrous organization and agile structure dedicated to rapid manufacture and prototyping: Scalia Prototype.

The Group consolidated its “Precision cutting” division with a double acquisition: Serode and Lavoilotte, whose core business complements Cryla Group’s traditional business lines, thereby empowering the Group to provide its client base with the most suitable mechanical cutting technology.

The Group’s workforce rose from 70 to 100 employees and its revenues from €9m to €13m.


Acquisition of a new entity to develop the Group’s “Precision Machining” range

A third acquisition – Megep – this time bolstered the “High-Precision Machining” range with highly technical, complex parts of all sizes.

Posting revenues of nearly €20m in 2019, Cryla Group has become one of the leading Aerospace and Defense subcontractors in France.

Cryla Group became a member of GIFAS’ AERO-SME committee.


Cryla Group is awarded Bpifrance Excellence certification

With Bpifrance recognition as a high-potential SME, Cryla Group has joined the “SME accelerator” program and become a member of the Bpifrance Excellence network of nearly 3,000 business leaders.

Bpifrance Excellence certification recognizes the 1% of businesses that stand out for their growth potential and high-quality offering.

With a 150-strong workforce, Cryla Group is now acclaimed worldwide for its technological and industrial excellence and fully intends to become a regional company with a strong local foothold and a European leader on the miniaturization market.

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