Quality and certifications

Our commitment: High-Quality, Reliable, Prompt Service

Crucial to our purpose is the satisfaction of our customers, and as such Cryla Group is committed to quality processes so as to meet every single one of your requirements!

Our strategy is grounded in the combination of a multi-technological expertise, the selection of reliable partners and the support of our Group to guarantee you an unbeatable level of service.

Our certifications

Our various certifications are evidence of Cryla Group’s collective commitment to quality. This calls for tried and tested experience, expertise and regular training for our teams in the regulatory and statutory requirements, from the design through to the manufacture of our products, and from the customer relationship to delivery.

These certifications thus showcase the dedication of our Management, hard work of all of our teams and unwavering application of our quality policy and continuous improvement culture.

Flexibility and high level of service

Every day we strive to invest advanced technical capabilities and straightforward innovative solutions in the development of your projects.

Cryla Group’s companies have spent decades honing renowned expertise in the implementation of comprehensive microtechnical solutions:

  • Co-development,
  • Prototyping,
  • Manufacture.

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