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Implantable Medical Devices / Instrumentation

The necessity for small parts is obvious, and extreme precision a requirement for technical accuracy


Drawing on its expertise in very small parts, Cryla Group stands out for its extreme precision in the supply of implantable medical devices, medical apparatus and equipment and in surgical instruments.

Our strength in the Medtech sector lies not only in our technical know-how at the service of medicine, but also in our compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements as regards medical devices.

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Cryla Group - Medical Extrême précision et haute exigence de finition

Our responsive stance, expertise and experience are the perfect match for this highly demanding activity sector and advantages appreciated by our customers:

  • Quality and extreme precision of components making up medical devices,
  • High-standard finishes and surfaces of often complex parts,
  • Outstanding performances in terms of high-quality deliveries on schedule.

Trusted supplier among leading medical manufacturers.


Demonstrating expert proficiency in high-precision machining and assembly in cleanrooms (ISO 5 and 7) and high-quality finishes, with a ruthless traceability process in place, Cryla Group is an acknowledged trusted supplier of leading medical manufacturers.

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Partenaires médicaux Cryla Group

Compliance with the regulatory requirements: inspiring confidence


ISO 13485 certification, a sign that we are a trusted partner in the medical sector, shores up the reliability of our Quality Management System specific to the medical sector.

ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications

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