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Maintaining a technological edge for more virtuous aviation

In a sector that is becoming ever more concentrated at all levels of the Supply Chain, Cryla Group daily demonstrates its ability to adapt and respond to the requirements of operators on the constant look-out for industrial performance and reliability.

The challenges of reducing the transport sector’s carbon emissions, especially those associated with streamlining and the sizing of systems dedicated to planes, helicopters and other types of aircraft, are prompting Cryla Group to give even greater consideration to these pressing issues in its development strategy.

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Cryla Group intègre les nouvelles technologies de fabrication 4.0

Factoring in digital technologies and the environmental issues are some of the new challenges that Cryla Group is taking up so as to maintain a technological edge and contribute to greener aviation.

This is a pledge fully upheld by the Group, which is facilitating efforts to strike the best balance between the customer’s functional requirement and our ability to find the best solution in light of the specifications.

Quality management underpins all of our processes

Cryla Group has renewed its EN 9100 certification for its expertise in industrialization studies and the manufacture of miniaturized mechanical function and part assemblies.

ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certifications

Cryla Group, a committed and active Group

To organize its strategy and accelerate its growth, Cryla Group relies on the dynamism of its region and the skillsets of a wide array of partners.

In 2014 and then again in 2016, Cryla Group joined the Industrial Performances program initiated by GIFAS, a flagship actor on the French aerospace scene.

Since 2019, we have been an active member of the AERO-SME committee and active participant in the initiatives organized.

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