Why work with Cryla Group?

Long-standing know-how

Cryla Group is a French industrial company located in Besançon, at the heart of France’s “watchmaking capital” and its technology park TEMIS Innovation.

For more than 70 years, Cryla Group has been deriving its know-how in very high precision manufacturing not only from traditional practices but also the wealth of microtechnological innovations offered up by our beautiful region.

Over time, Cryla Group has adapted to new situations and taken up the challenges of innovation to retain its competitive edge.

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mécanique de très haute précision pour les industries exigeant de la haute technicité en environnements critiques

A hi-tech benchmark in arduous environments

Today, the Group has carved out a leading position in very high-precision mechanical engineering for industries requiring technical sophistication in critical environments.

Cryla Group is committed to guaranteeing the quality, performance and reliability of its products and can expertly oversee the whole of the production chain.

With that in mind, Cryla Group is regularly on the look-out for versatile profiles skilled in a wide range of occupational sectors including aerospace, metalworking, plastics processing, mechanical engineering, medicine, energy facilities, rail, electricity, electronics, luxury and the automotive industry.

A vibrant group constantly embracing change

Opportunities are cropping up all the time at Cryla Group at all educational attainment levels and across a broad range of specialties:

  • Employment,
  • Co-operative education,
  • Internships.

Our 5 French sites are specialists in their field. They are also multidisciplinary experts, which makes Cryla Group a trusted partner for multi-technological solutions.

We can be proud of our international reputation supporting customers across the 5 continents: Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Russia.

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accompagner les plus grands défis industriels

Inventiveness: a meaningful founding value

Industrial and technological challenges are hard-wired into Cryla Group’s DNA

Ever since day one, Cryla Group has been capable of keeping pace in a world that is always on the move by harnessing each and every employee’s inventiveness to hone its Precision Expertise.

Today, amid accelerating change, Cryla Group is changing for the better and going digital to support the biggest industrial and technological challenges of tomorrow.

We want to share our passion for taking the initiative and building a sustainable, responsible and agile business, in and of its time, guided by the excellence, independence and development of its workforce.

Our HR intentions

Be a Group where, together, we can envisage the Future

A people-driven, industrial adventure

Joining Cryla Group means taking part in an industrial adventure where the individuals making it up matter the most

Cryla Group is forging a new vision of industry and steadily rolling out the most cutting-edge approaches and technologies to realize it (robotics, digitization, additive manufacturing and so on).

Since 2018, Cryla Group has been experiencing strong growth and expects to double its revenues in the medium-term whilst strengthening certain key specialties in this regard. In the space of 18 months, the Group has increased its workforce almost twofold.

Joining Cryla Group therefore means:

  • Becoming part of a Family group with prospects and a vision over the long-term,
  • Helping to take up the challenges of the future within a fast-expanding Group,
  • Acquiring new skills thanks to the wide-ranging assignments,
  • Innovating and exploring new approaches in a stimulating environment, to give your job a sense of purpose,
  • Being encouraged to learn, experiment, grow and learn more about yourself,
  • Taking part in a people-driven, industrial adventure with a host of challenges in store.

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