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Our Areas of Expertise

The art of high-precision at every stage of your manufacturing process

Because each of our customers requires unique expertise and experience, for more than seven decades now we have been nurturing each interaction as a relationship based on trust.

Cryla Group has honed truly authentic skills in terms of:

  • Small or highly precise (components)
  • Specific (tooling and special equipment)

Guaranteeing compliance with your specifications

Our approach is based on the combination of multi-technological expertise and the selection of dependable partners, all driven by the momentum of a Group with multidisciplinary skills.

Specialist expertise shaped by collaborative experience with our customers across an extensive range of applications and sectors

Our teams receive regular training in the requirements of the different sectors so as to keep up a strong, enduring relationship with you.

Every day, we share the full benefit of our complementary processes at all stages of development:

  • From study to design,
  • From prototyping to manufacture,
  • From assembly to production,
  • From the customer relationship to delivery,
  • From managing the maturity cycle to the product’s end-of-life.

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