Electric motors

Small- and medium-sized components for Electric motors

Cryla Group harnesses its expertise in the manufacture and assembly of rotor and stator plates for the benefit of the electric motor industry, from the micro- to the medium-scale:

  • Micro-motor,
  • Motor reduction unit,
  • Alternating-current motor
  • Direct-current motor,
  • Brushless motor,
  • Stepper motor,
  • Specific motors,
  • Alternators.

Pinions and Gears

This extensive choice of components is rounded off by pinions and gears designed for such mechanical drive devices as planetary gear systems or drive shafts.

Our components and their application areas

Different motor metal panels

Gearing part

Drive parts

Metal tooling parts

Painted lamination

Crimped lamination







Metal sheeting

Motor metal panel

Motor commutator

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