Components and sub-assemblies for connection or interconnection systems

Each type of connection or interconnection requires highly specific electromechanical, electric and mechanical manufacturing processes.

Cryla Group’s multi-technological expertise in working very small parts with high precision extends from the design of metal and/or plastic components – passive components, terminals, relays and switches – to the manufacture of sub-assemblies used primarily to produce a very wide variety of connector or interconnection systems.

Aeronautics, Space and Defense

  • Wiring interconnection systems
  • Locking and switching mechanism
  • Electromagnetic Field and Wave Shielding (RFI)

Implantable Devices / Instrumentation

  • Surgical instruments
  • Medical Apparatus and Equipment

Watchmaking, Luxury

  • Connected Object Charger (IoT)


  • Energy management and distribution system

Our components and their application areas

Weight ring

Female terminal



Automotive connectors

Electric connectors

Connector parts

Contact plugs

Half washers

Rolled hoops

Contact slide


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